Project #WebDirect

Each month will have a new focus centered around FileMaker. The first Monday of next month, March 7, 2016, will focus on this one subject:

What experiences have you had with WebDirect? What problems did you solve using it? How often have you integrated it into one of your client’s databases?

Your Call to Action
We would like two simple things from you.

  1. Post a message to social media using these two hashtags: #WebDirect and #FileMaker. Tell everyone about the best WebDirect solution you’ve come across in FileMaker. How did they do it? Who was it for?
  2. Ask your FileMaker friends to do the same on the same day.

The goal of this mission is to get people who don’t know about FileMaker (or have forgotten about it) to see this hashtag twice in one day.

We look forward to reading, watching, listening and tuning in to your best #FileMaker #WebDirect story. If you have a great topic idea for next month, please submit your idea here. The most-requested subject will be our next focus. In the event of a tie, we’ll ask for a vote.

Project #WebDirect